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    Medical Centre

    Family First Medical Centre has been operating since 2012 and has 6 General Practitioners, 3 Registered Nurses and 8 administration staff. We are a mixed billing Practice. Dr Tapash Saha, Dr Bhavin Karkar and Dr Aung Koko are bulk billing all new and existing patients. Dr Daniel Gonzalez and Dr Sarita Gurung’s patients will be privately billed unless they are under 18 years of age, hold a DVA Gold/ White Card or hold a valid Concession or Pensioner Card will remain bulk billed. There will be an out of pocket expense of $33.00 for all private consults, after Medicare rebate has been refunded to the patient. Recall appointments and Nursing appointments (such as vaccination or wound care with nursing) will continue to be bulk billed for all patients.  Private Fees apply for Commercial Drivers Licences and Insurance Reports. We are also currently accepting new Private Billed Skin Cancer Patients for Skin Checks and Skin Procedures. Please call 07 4124 2466 or book online for an appointment. Please ensure you have a valid Medicare Card at the time of booking or else you will be charged for your GP appointment.





    Skin Cancer Clinic

    Family First Medical Centre is one of Hervey Bay’s largest Skin Cancer Clinics. Our Senior Skin Doctor and Practice Principle holds his advanced Skin Cancer qualifications with many years of experience in this field and is currently working towards completing his fellowship in Skin Cancer Medicine. Dr Wayne Norval holds his Diploma in Skin Cancer Surgery and is one of only 2 Doctors in Hervey Bay that are fully accredited by the Skin Cancer College of Australia. Currently, he is also the only Qualified Skin Doctor still taking New Patients. Our aim is to provide caring, efficient, affordable and accessible services for the early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of Skin Cancer all in the comforts and surroundings of Hervey Bay’s most equipped and advanced Skin Clinic. Dr Wayne Norval is now Privately Billing for Skin Check appointments for all New and Existing patients. Private appointments will incur an out of pocket expense of $100.00 which will include, Skin Check, Biopsies, Recall Excision appointments and Nursing appointments (such as removal of stitches or wound care). New and Existing Patients that hold a DVA Gold Card or DVA White Card (eligible for skin) will continue to be bulk billed for all appointments. For bookings, please call 07 4124 2466.





    Please be aware it is a daily requirement for us to manage the safety of our patients and staff during Covid -19. For our safety and your own please ensure that you check the following requirements BEFORE coming into the Practice:


    • Haven’t travelled interstate OR been in contact with any interstate visitors in the last 2 weeks
    • Haven’t recently been in contact with someone diagnosed with coronavirus to your knowledge If you have, ensure you have self-isolated
    • If you are presenting any of the following symptoms relating to COVID-19?
      • Sore Throat
      • Fever
      • Cough
      • Shortness of breath
      • Loss of smell or taste
      • Runny Nose
    • If you have any of the above symptoms, we do ask for you to phone to discuss the option of a telephone appointment. If you have pre-existing conditions (asthma or ongoing sinus issues/allergies etc then our Doctors will be happy to do a face to face consult but if these are new symptoms, then a phone call appointment is preferred.

    We ask for your full support as we all have a shared responsibility to minimise the risk of exposure and protect our individual and collective health. Please note that during Covid, Medicare are allowing us to provide Telephone consults for our existing patients that have seen a GP at the Practice in person within the last 12 months.